Public & Private Grants

If you are seeking public or private funds to support a project/program at Hartnell College, please review the information below and contact the Director of Development at 831-755-6810 or for assistance. Grant proposal concepts should align with the college’s strategic priorities & goals and the Foundation’s fundraising priorities.

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Public and private grant pre-award application development and post-award management are coordinated between the offices of Advancement & Development and Administrative Services. Activities, responsibilities, and timelines are shown on the Hartnell College Grants Flowchart

Once the Hartnell College Grant Concept Form (pdf) (doc) is signed by the President/Superintendent, the grant team is authorized to complete the application development process including convening internal and external partners, contracting with a grant writer, and requesting letters of support.

Grant HCGCF signed HCTrustees Submitted Abstract/HCPPA
NASA MAA 06-2015
NASA MC3I 06-2015
USDA HSI 05-05-2015  04-16-2015 HCPPA
US DOE DHSI  04-30-2015 05-05-2015
CA OSHPD 02-20-2015 CSUMB
US DOE TRiO 08-01-2014 01-13-2015 02-01-2015 HCPPA 
NSF IUSE 01-07-2015 01-13-2015  01-13-2015 HCPPA
CCC CCPT 01-13-2015 02-06-2015 HCPPA 
CCC CTE EF 12-09-2014
CCC NETLAB+ 10-29-2014 12-09-2014 09-05-2014 HCPPA
NSF ATE 01-21-2014 11-04-2014  Cal Poly SLO HCPPA 
NSF REU 08-01-2014 11-04-2014 08-27-2014 HCPPA
NSF S-STEM 05-22-2014 08-05-2014 08-11-2014 HCPPA
US DOE GEAR UP 07-02-2014 08-05-2014  CSUMB HCPPA
US DOE GEAR UP 06-25-2014 08-05-2014 UCSC HCPPA 
US DOE FITW 06-23-2014  08-05-2014 06-28-2014 HCPPA
CCCCO NURSING 04-29-2014 08-05-2014 04-30-2014 HCPPA
CA DOE CCPT 01-28-2014 02-04-2014 03-28-2014 HCPPA
US DOE CAMP 01-23-2014 02-04-2014 02-15-2014 HCPPA


Funding: Finding and Tapping
2015 Hartnell College Student Success Conference