Support Us

Thank you for your interest in supporting the students of the Salinas Valley by making a tax-deductible gift to the Hartnell College Foundation. Gifts to the Foundation can be unrestricted so that we may apply them to the areas of greatest need, or you may direct that they be applied to priorities identified in the Campus Fundraising Plan. That plan includes specific projects and initiatives, scholarships, campus areas or programs, technology and equipment, and the Annual Fund.

Please explore the links on the top left corner of this page for ways to make gifts to Hartnell, to include Hartnell in your estate plans, to establish an annuity, to create a lasting legacy for your family or loved ones by creating an endowment, or to show your immediate support by participating in one of our sponsorship opportunities. We appreciate your support!

Ways of making gifts


To make a gift by check, please make your check payable to The Hartnell College Foundation, and mail it to the Hartnell College Foundation at 411 Central Avenue, Salinas, California, 93901.

Securities/ Stocks

A gift of appreciated securities to the Hartnell College Foundation can provide you with several benefits, including the avoidance of capital gains tax assessment and the preservation of cash assets. For information and instructions please contact Vice President of Advancement and Development, Jackie Cruz at (831) 755-6810.

Credit Card

To make a gift by credit card, please call our office at (831) 755-6810 between the hours of 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. PST, Monday through Friday, and we will take your VISA or MasterCard information.

You can also go on line to make credit card donations at

Matching Gifts

The value of your gift may be increased if your employer participates in the Matching Gift program. To see if your gift qualifies for a match, please contact your employer’s human resources office.


To make a cash gift, please call the Foundation Office at (831) 755-6810 to make an appointment to deliver your donation. Our office is located at 411 Central Avenue, Room E101, Salinas, CA on the Hartnell College campus.

Real Estate

There may be tax advantages to you to donate appreciated real estate to the Hartnell College Foundation. Please call the Foundation Office at (831) 755-6810 for more information.

Personal Property

Gifts of your personal property may provide you with a tax benefit while breathing new educational life into your prized possessions. Please call the Foundation Office at (831) 755-6810 for information.

Life Insurance

The Foundation accepts gifts of life insurance. Please phone the Foundation at (831) 755-6810 for information.

Donations from your IRA account

Donors who are at least 70 1/2 years old who take distributions from an IRA account and want to support Hartnell can take advantage of a recent temporary tax law change. This law permits donors to contribute up to $100,000 that is withdrawn from an IRA account and paid directly to a charity, with no federal tax consequences.

The amount withdrawn and paid by the account administrator to the charity is excluded from federally taxable income for the year. However, no charitable contribution deduction is permitted. Even those who do not itemize are permitted to take advantage of this new law.

The rules apply to withdrawals and contributions made through Dec. 31, 2007.

Gift Annuities

The Foundation participates in a statewide community college gift annuity program. A charitable gift annuity is a contract in which you exchange a gift of cash or securities for a fixed income each year for the rest of your life (or for the lives of two people). Gift annuities can offer income for life, a tax deduction, a tax-free payout, and a capital gains tax savings, as well as an opportunity to assist the charitable cause of your choice. We can provide you with a free gift annuity analysis by completing the brief questions in our Gift Annuity brochure. Please request a Gift Annuity brochure by phoning the Foundation office at (831) 755-6810.

If you have any questions about any of these ways to give, or if you would like to talk about any of these opportunities, please call our office at (831) 755-6810 or contact Jackie Cruz at