Gifts That Protect Your Assets

Increased income may not be your primary objective. Instead, you may be wondering how you will deal with some highly appreciated property or a growing family business as your needs and lifestyle change. Will taxes consume much of the value that you have worked so hard to grow? Will anything be left for you and your family?

We have several options that help you meet your personal planning goals, save taxes, and make a gift to Hartnell College Foundation at the same time.

The Benefits

Here are some of the benefits you can take advantage of:

Popular Giving Arrangements

Charitable Lead Trust
Your hard work has paid off and your business is growing. How can you preserve some of its value for your family?
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Retained Life Estate
Your home is your biggest asset. How can you make a gift to us and still keep on living there?
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Charitable Bargain Sale
Your lifestyle is changing. You want to make a gift to us, but you also need cash to meet your obligations, or an assured stream of income for retirement.
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We can show you creative ways to use your assets to benefit Hartnell College Foundation, while at the same time preserving the benefits of those assets for yourself and your family.