Centennial Service Challenge FAQ

What is the Centennial Service Challenge (CSC)?

Hartnell College – as an institution, a campus community and a broad base of alumni and friends – has achieved nearly a century of service. A pillar of the 2020 Centennial is the recognition of that culture of service. The Centennial Service Challenge is intended to encourage continued service and the documentation of Hartnell-related service to the college and beyond.

The simple idea is that anyone related to Hartnell College in any way around the globe may serve in honor of the Centennial. You only need to follow FIVE SIMPLE STEPS:

  1. THINK creatively about service in terms of THE POWER OF 100!
  2. DESIGN a service project, PARTICIPATE in one already established or CONTINUE to serve in ways you already do.
  3. SERVE in honor of the Hartnell College Centennial.
  4. DOCUMENT your service with images and narrative.
  5. SUBMIT your service for posting to abradley@hartnell.edu

Service information should include your name, contact information and details about the service project. If you have photos, either submit them as email attachments or include a link to the photos.

What do you mean by The Power of 100?

In honor of Hartnell’s century of service, perhaps an elementary class sends 100 holiday cards to a retirement home, or your office colleagues collect 100 bags of trash along a highway or river, or your family volunteers for 100 hours at a local charity. Any individual, any group or any organization may accept the CENTENNIAL SERVICE CHALLENGE. Above all else, the most important task is to carry the Hartnell Centennial spirit into your community.

In addition to carrying out a service project, what is THE most important thing for me to do?

DOCUMENT the service and SHARE it with the Hartnell Centennial. The easiest way to share photos is to use Flickr or Picasa or some other photo-sharing website. Another is to send the photos to Aleen Bradley at abradley@hartnell.edu

If possible, incorporate a sign in the photograph that reads, “We accepted the Hartnell College Centennial Service Challenge!” or “We cared enough to serve for the Centennial!” or “We served in honor of the Hartnell College Centennial.” The sign may be handmade, or you can go online for a printable sign to use. Another alternative is to scan or mail photographic prints with identification and caption/narrative to this address: 411 Central Ave., Salinas, CA 93901 with attention to the Hartnell College Foundation.

I am already engaged in community service. Does Hartnell College expect me to do something else to accept the Centennial Service Challenge?

Thank you for being involved in community service. The Hartnell College Centennial Service Challenge requests only that you dedicate what you are already doing to the Hartnell Centennial. Document the service and share as described above.

I want to raise money to establish a scholarship at Hartnell College. Is that possible?

Anything is possible! You need to know that the establishment of a new named scholarship requires a contribution of a minimum $1,000, and an endowed scholarship fund requires a minimum of $10,000. It is preferable that contributions be made to an already established scholarship. For additional information, contact the Hartnell College Foundation at 831-755-6810.

I want to celebrate Hartnell College Centennial by sponsoring a meeting at my home or club for Hartnell alumni and friends in my area. Would that be helpful?

Such gatherings would be very helpful. The Hartnell College Foundation is eager to identify Hartnell-affiliated people in your area. A social gathering for 10 to 100 people will help generate a broad base of Hartnell College spirit. From such gatherings, we would like to collect service stories and possibly generate interest in a group service project. Contact Aleen Bradley at abradley@hartnell.edu.

I have no time right now for direct service, but I want to be supportive. How do I make a monetary contribution? May I pay by credit card? May I pay monthly?

Yes, you may make a first-time or increased unrestricted contribution to the Hartnell College Foundation. Please fill out the form and enclose your donation in the remit envelope. Contributions are deductible for income tax purposes as provided by law.

To give online go to https://hartnellfoundation.org/donate-now/ or call 831.755.6810 to make your donation.

I want to accept the Centennial Service Challenge in honor of Hartnell College but have no idea what to do. Where do I turn?

Keep reading for more specifics. If you still have questions, please contact Aleen Bradley at abradley@hartnell.edu

Could you please give some specific service examples, so I can have an idea of what others might be doing?

The following are examples of projects that either have surfaced in brainstorming sessions or are being planned. We encourage you to be creative in honoring the Hartnell Centennial! Remember to plan your documentation of service, document it, and share with Hartnell College.

  • Make and send 100 valentines to older adults in honor of The Centennial
  • Example: Youngster C, who is the grandchild of an alum, leads his Scout group in picking up 100 bags of trash in honor of the Centennial.
  • Example: Family Smith joins a service project at church or through a community organization; members wear Hartnell College T-shirts and dedicate their service to the Centennial.

stions, please contact Aleen Bradley at abradley@hartnell.edu