Centennial Service Challenge

Dear Hartnell College alumni and friends,

In commemoration of the Hartnell College Centennial in 2020, we invite you to demonstrate The Power of 100 by accepting the Centennial Service Challenge. The Centennial Alumni Committee is asking you – as an alumnus, student, employee or friend – to help celebrate this historic milestone with your contribution of time and effort. You can join us on your own, or as a member of a group, to make your community a better place in tribute to Hartnell and its 100 years of service.

As our college approaches its second century, we hope to build even greater awareness of service by sharing Hartnell’s ongoing story of spirit and commitment. Capture your investment of time, sweat, expertise and passion in a photo or video and, along with a brief summary, submit it to the Hartnell College Centennial Committee. This record of your service will be posted to the Hartnell Centennial website and shared through social media and email.

We encourage you to visit our Centennial Calendar page about plans for a yearlong series of programs and activities celebrating the Centennial.

Turn to the FAQ section for details on The Power of 100 and how you can get involved.

Your participation and support will help ensure that a culture of service continues to represent and enrich Hartnell College long after the year 2020. We share your own Panther Pride in this center of learning, founded a century ago in the Salinas Valley. Hartnell’s far-reaching impact on lives and communities has just begun!

With warmest regards as we work together,
Mike Briley
Alumni Relations Chair and Hartnell College Foundation Board Treasurer


I’ve always believed in higher education. Most of my family has been through Hartnell. I and six other family members have gotten a great education at Hartnell

Gary Tanimura

My family valued education. My parents believed and supported my educational goals. I was the first in my family to get my degree and five of my six siblings followed that example.

Esther Rubio