COVID-19 Response

COVID-19 Response and Our Mission Forward

In to respond to COVID-19, the safety and well-being of our students, employees, donors, volunteers and entire community remain our highest priority. With these concerns in mind, we have decided to carry out all communications and meetings over the phone and online via Zoom Conferencing, Skype and other online communication. While you may not be able to see us in person at our office, our staff is happy to assist you through email or over the phone. Click here to see all our staff.

Our Mission Forward:

The Hartnell College Foundation and our Board invite you to be a part of the support team for our students during this time. We are committed to ensuring the safety and financial stability of our students as they transition to a 100% online learning platform. Since March, 2020 Hartnell students have been attending all classes online and will continue to attend classes in this format for as long as it is deemed necessary by public health and government officials. It is our goal to provide the support they need to pursue their educational and career goals despite the challenges presented by these unprecedented times.

Moving from Uncertainty to Action:

On March 18, The Foundation’s Board of Directors established an emergency fund known as the COVID-19 Student Emergency Response Fund. On March 23, the Executive Board designated $150,000 to open the fund and expedite a purchase of 500 laptops for Hartnell students. The goal is to fund direct support for students during these times of need, specifically for the transition to online education and for mental health services in many ways:

  • Purchase at least 1,000 laptop computers to be provided at no cost to students who do not own a computer, allowing them to complete their classes online through distance education.
  • Work with the Five Cities Workforce Partnership, wireless-service companies and Gonzales Unified, South County Joint Union School District, Soledad Union School District, North Monterey County, and Salinas Union School District to determine ways to deliver the laptops to students and to identify and promote the availability of wireless locations and services in the communities we serve. We are working on reaching out to other Districts that wish to form a partnership in response to the current Pandemic.
  • Expand and provide online crisis counseling services for students.
    Develop a resource kit to help students be successful online learners: videos, informational postcards, webpages, social media, YouTube content, etc.
  • Support establishment of Hartnell-provided wireless services on our campus parking lots, allowing students to access service.
  • Emergency support for online textbooks, especially for single parents and low-income students.
  • Mentors to help students navigate the online instruction system.
  • Funds to support the hunger free campus for our students- Ready to go bags for students in need.
COVID-19 Student Emergency Fund Projected Costs

$800,000 for laptop computers 2,000 @400.00 including software

$200,000 for wireless service hot spots 1,000 hot spots including device for 6 month

$100,000 for crisis counseling over 2,000 hours of mental health counseling for students in need

$50,000 for emergency school and basic needs- emergency scholarships

100 emergency scholarships for food, rent, formula and basic needs of students in need.


Public Events:

In the interest of keeping our donors and students safe, we are planning on carrying on events fully online in a fun and interactive way. We are also postponing our Centennial year celebration until we are given the clearance to engage with large groups. Sponsorships and tickets already purchased for our events will remain valid for rescheduled dates when they are determined. 

If you would like to make a donation or sponsorship that will go toward the College areas most impacted by these cancellations, please click on our “donate now” button to make an online contribution.


We join in solidarity with all of our non- profit, community and education partners responding to diverse needs at this time. We encourage our friends to make a gift to the COVID-19 Student Emergency Response Fund through our online giving page. We look forward to joining with all of you to present an array of rescheduled events that offer compelling, actionable content for all who attend. We are so grateful to all of you ― our speakers, sponsors, attendees and vendors ― for your investment of time, energy and financial resources in support of the Hartnell College Foundation.

Should you have any questions or need assistance please contact:

Jackie Cruz

Carole Rein