Gift in Will Received from Former Field Worker


Vivian and Marcos Duran beside the Model T that Marcos built from scratch.

Marcos and Vivian Duran were long-time Salinas residents who worked hard, contributed much, and never forgot the importance of family. Vivian passed away in January of 1998, and Marcos in September 2007.

In August 2008, the Foundation accepted a gift in the amount of $140,000 from the Marcos M. Duran and Vivian H. Duran Family Trust to create scholarships for students of the Salinas Valley. The gift was presented by the Durans’ nephew, Craig Ramos, and his wife, Susan.

What is most remarkable about this gift is that Marcos Duran did not have an opportunity to get a formal education in his life. His mother had been widowed with two young children and could support them only by working in the fields of California. Her children joined her in the fields in the Salinas Valley as soon as they were old enough to work.

donor-duran2Mr. Duran continued to work in the agriculture business throughout his life, working mostly as a highly skilled ag mechanic. But, he never forgot the difficult situation he had been thrown into as a child.

“I remember my uncle telling me that, if he could make it possible to keep even one child from having to work the fields the way he’d had to, it would make him very happy,” said Mr. Ramos. “Through the scholarships created by the Marcos M. Duran and Vivian H. Duran Family Trust, my aunt and uncle would be very happy indeed.”