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The Hartnell College Foundation continues to look to keep our students learning by supporting scholarships that will allow them to address their basic needs so that they can continue to move from struggling to striving and thriving.

Consider making a gift to our Basic Needs scholarship fund. Your gift will go toward $500 Emergency Scholarships to help cover students’ basic needs like housing, food, medical bills, etc..

With 85% of our students coming from low-income families, this extra help will make a huge difference. Give today by clicking the button below to keep our students learning!

I applied for and received help from the emergency fund, and I just can’t tell you how much it really helped. I can’t thank you enough for what you’ve done for me and the rest of the students. Honestly, there were just times where making ends meet was tough, so the donations are allowing me to continue on this pathway that I want to be on.

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Gift Legacy eNewsletter 08/03/2022

Dear donors and supporters, Happy August! I hope you and your family are staying healthy and enjoying the summer months. During this time, the Hartnell College Foundation continues to develop partnerships, manage projects and prepare for the next semester of...

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Gift Legacy eNewsletter 07/20/2022

Dear donors and supporters, The year seems to be flying by and, as we move, we are experiencing lots of changes here at Hartnell College – good changes! I am so happy to announce that our new superintendent/president, Mr. Michael Gutierrez, began his journey here at...

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Gift Legacy eNewsletter 06/29/2022

Dear friends, It is my hope that you are enjoying the burst of summer heat and sunshine, and planning those long-awaited vacations. Here at Hartnell, we are excited to welcome our new Superintendent/President, Mr. Michael Gutierrez on Friday, July 1, 2022. We at the...

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Gift Legacy eNewsletter 06/15/2022

Dear donors and supporters, The summer semester has begun and it is wonderful to have our students back on campus.  These quiet two weeks after graduation have been an opportunity for us at the Foundation to work on getting caught up and planning. On July 1st, we...

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Gifts of all sizes are welcome, and multi-year gifts also are accepted. You may make a

gift that funds any portion of these identified needs, or you may fund the entire area.

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Students are at the heart of our efforts and the strength in our community.
Our vision is to inspire philanthropy and partnerships that transform the lives of our students.