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WELI Soirée

The Women’s Education & Leadership Institute Spring Soirée will bring together business and community leaders to support the Women’s Education & Leadership Institute (WELI). We invite you to join us in promoting the economic prosperity of women through higher education. This important event will fund the WELI endowment, ensuring this invaluable support is available to the women of this community for generations to come.



February 25, 2024


Supporting WELI scholars in their education will, statistics show, help these women become more financially self-sufficient and in turn, pursue a meaningful careers. Also of note, the education level of a mother is a strong indicator of the success her daughter and sons will have as adults.

WELI is more than a scholarship program; it provides four keys to student success: Resources, Education, Social Support, & Mentorship

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Sunday, February 25, 2024

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