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Agriculture Programs

The Western Food Safety Conference

The Hartnell College Foundation convenes an annual two-day conference design for food safety industry leaders. The conference provides produce safety information, research, and regulatory developments to the produce industry.

Information on Conference

Ag Food Safety Committee

  • Johnna Hepner, Co-Chair
  • Jess Hogg, Co-Chair
  • Francis Adenuga
  • Kyler Asato
  • Cathy Carlson
  • Megan Chedwick
  • John Eade
  • Ismael Esquivel
  • Lisa Fuentes
  • Justin Kerr
  • Karen Lowell
  • April Mackie
  • Afreen Malik
  • Johnny Massa
  • Robert Mills
  • Kari Valdes
  • Chato Valdes

Ag Food Safety Committee

amy oliver

Ag Internship Student Highlight

Amy Oliver is studying Agriculture and Plant Science at Hartnell College. She completed an internship at Grower-Shipper Association Foundation in Salinas. Amy is being supported through the Hartnell College Foundation endowment funds from the Tanimura Family Foundation. The Grower Shipper Association Foundation is a non-profit organization that provides education and information on the agriculture industry as well as offering innovative programs to the community. Amy states that she has “learned a lot and is very grateful for this opportunity”

Ag Steering Committee

  • David Gill, Chair
  • Cathy Alameda
  • Bobby Bellew
  • Jim Bogart
  • Justin Carroll
  • Patrick Collins
  • Jennifer Dacquisto
  • Michael Davis
  • Candi DePauw
  • Kenneth Dozier
  • Walt Duflock
  • Joseph Ferrari
  • Kurt Gollnick
  • Norm Groot
  • Kent Hansen
  • Juan Hidalgo
  • Brian Holady
  • Glenda Humiston
  • Louis Huntington
  • Ryan Jefferson
  • Aaron Johnson
  • Emmett Linder
  • Butch Lindley
  • Frank Maconachy
  • James McCreight
  • Gina Nucci
  • Nicholas Pasculli
  • Kevin Piearcy
  • Spencer Quinn
  • Brad Rice
  • Chris Rotticci
  • Gary Tanimura
  • Bruce Taylor
  • Chris Valadez
  • Bart Walker
  • David Warner

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