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STEAM Programs

K-12 STEAM Program

The K-12 STEAM Program is dedicated to uplifting all communities in the Salinas Valley by bringing innovative STEAM activities to the classroom. We aim to cultivate love for learning in all age groups by delivering high quality educational experiences. Our continued partnership with NASA, multiple STEAM-centered organizations, and dedicated funders allows us to establish a pathway for early access to STEAM education at Hartnell College and beyond.

Some of our current programs include the NASA MUREP Aerospace Academy program for high school students, NASA Saturday academies for K-6, and Intro Code and Robotics Saturday programs. Our approach incorporates social-emotional development into our curriculum, all while keeping the needs of our community in mind. We believe that together, we can champion students to success.


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K-12 STEAM Program

Gabino Guzman

Student Highlight

Hartnell College student, Gabino Guzman, participated in a summer internship at UC Santa Cruz’s International Genetically Engineered Machine and was part of the team that won gold in the International Synthetic Biology Competition. He was then invited to present to teams from other countries in Paris, France. His team at UCSC worked on producing a protein called “Exendin-4” to make Type 2 Diabetes treatment more accessible for under-resourced communities. They aim to produce a cost-effective bio-encapsulated GLP1-RA Ex-4. Guzman, a first-generation college student, credits support programs like MESA, TRiO, and MILE for his motivation and success. “To our donors, thank you for changing my life as a first-generation college student!” He said. “Thank you for believing in me and bringing me a step closer to achieving my dream of becoming a physician scientist.”

Monterey County STEM Talent Expo

Thank you to everyone who participate at this years Monterey County STEM Talent Expo on Wednesday, March 20th, 2024. We can’t wait for the 2025 Monterey County STEM Talent Expo!

The Hartnell College Foundation President’s STEM Task Force invites the community to join us for the Monterey County STEM Talent Expo. This exciting, free, one-day event will connect STEM industry leaders to talented students, former students, and community members who are looking for opportunities to further their education and career opportunities in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics [STEM]. 

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STEM Expo Gallery

STEM Task Force Committee

  • Sharon Albert
  • Ed Allen
  • Moises Almendariz
  • Juan Alvarez
  • Luis Alvarez
  • Sharon Anderson
  • Rebeca Andrade
  • Thomas Atchinson
  • Andrea Bailey
  • Robert Barminski
  • Lisa Branco
  • Gabriela Lopez Chavez
  • Dr. Kelly Cooper
  • Joy Cowden
  • Jackie Cruz
  • Jennifer Dacquisto
  • Maria De la Fuente
  • Candi DePauw
  • Dennis Donohue
  • Emily Douglas
  • Dave Edson
  • Joe Ekman
  • Rick Falconer
  • Jose Fausto
  • Alicia Fletcher
  • Joanna Flores
  • Curtis Gabrielson
  • Antonio Garcia
  • Rod Garcia
  • Mostafa Ghous
  • Tahra Goraya
  • Chris Grijalva
  • Deneen Guss
  • Michael Gutierrez
  • William Head
  • Guy Ingelise
  • Mike Isaacson
  • Meredith Jones
  • Debra Kaczmar
  • Ted Kaczmar
  • Bala Kappagantula
  • Steve Koike
  • Andrew Lawson
  • Caryn Lewis
  • Emmett Linder
  • Butch Lindley
  • Frank Lopez
  • Jennifer Lopez
  • Margaret D’Arrigo- Martin
  • Anely Meneses
  • Ingrid Morales
  • Jose Moran
  • Bronwyn Moreno
  • Marsha Moroh
  • Vahid Motazedian
  • Sathya Narayanan
  • Andy Newton
  • Natalie Nielsen
  • Mark O’Shea
  • Rolando Perez
  • Omar Perez
  • Chelsy Pham
  • Javier Quintero
  • Leticia Sanchez
  • Bettye Saxton
  • Christy Sessions
  • Corin Slown
  • Corinne Okada Takara
  • Joel Thompson
  • Layheng Ting
  • April Treece
  • Mohammed Yahdi

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