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Panther Athletics is enjoying unprecedented success, and we are looking forward to more –both in competition and in the classroom. The conclusion of Hartnell Athletics’ 2023 spring season rounded out what was a fantastic year, and we are looking forward to an amazing fall!


We are looking forward to seeing many of you very soon at the Tenth Annual Hartnell College Athletics Hall of Fame on October 14, 2023.

Reflecting on this past year and looking ahead to what is still to come in athletics, I am grateful and proud. The ability of Hartnell student-athletes to graduate, transfer to a university, and continue competing if they choose, is a huge source of pride for me as Dean of Athletics. Without the teamwork of families, teachers, counselors, athletic trainers, coaches, academic support staff, and generous community supporters, this all-around success would not be possible. Our students get the support they need to graduate, continue their education and become the leaders of tomorrow.

Dan Teresa

Thank you for your support and for your commitment to the success of our athletics programs and our student-athletes.


Go Panthers!


Dan Teresa

Dean of Academic Affairs, Athletics, Physical Education & Health

2023 Bill Elliott Scholarship Recipients

Hartnell College Athletics hosted the annual Bill Elliott Scholarship Awards Dinner. This year, 20 transferring Hartnell Student-Athletes received the 2022-2023 Bill Elliott scholarship. Because of the fundraising work of the Hartnell College Foundation’s Panther Athletic Council, and due to the generosity of Hall of Fame sponsors and the Tanimura Family Foundation, the total number of Bill Elliott Scholarships awarded in 2023 was $40,000.

Hall of Fame

Join us for the tenth annual Hartnell Athletics Hall of Fame!

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Panther Athletic Council

  • Stephen Goldman, Chair
  • Mike Cling
  • Candi DePauw
  • Margaret D’Arrigo
  • Sharon Dilbeck
  • Martha Getris-Utschig
  • Michael Grim
  • Ron Guzman
  • Mark Hebert
  • Art Hunsdorfer
  • Steve Ish
  • Mark Sindel
  • Fidel Soto
  • Sam Spadoni
  • Wayne Tucker
  • Hon. Rafael Vazquez
  • Jackie Cruz
  • Kristine Edmunds
  • Nonita Fortman
  • Daniel Teresa


The Hartnell College Panther Athletics Council seeks and creates material, financial, and community support for Hartnell College Athletics Programs. Athletics transforms lives, and the council will support our students and the community at large so that they have the necessary tools to compete, learn, and excel.


The Hartnell College Panther Athletics Council will provide community support to the Athletic Department of Hartnell College. Athletics provide students the opportunity to learn skills outside of the classroom necessary to be successful in life such as discipline, integrity, teamwork, commitment, perseverance, and dedication. Athletics play a vital role strengthening our community and the council will ensure its relevance into the future.

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