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Scholarships are one of the most important ways we can contribute to student success. For many students struggling to balance basic needs like housing, healthcare, and food with their education, scholarships make all the difference. When you make a gift to support student scholarships, you will be helping our future community leaders

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Teacher Pathway Program

The Teacher Pathway Program (TPP) is a cohort-based program for student interested in getting their AA-T degree in Elementary Teacher Education at Hartnell College. Students continue on to CSU Monterey Bay to get a B.A. in Liberal Studies and then a multiple-subject credential. This is an accelerated pathway with students set to complete their associates degree to credential in 4 years!


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Computer Science in3 (CSin3)

CSin3, offered by Hartnell College and CSUMB, provides students with supports and structures to help them earn a BS in computer science in three years and to land a meaningful internship before they graduate. Students complete coursework and have access to resources at both institutions for all three years.


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Women’s Education & Leadership Institute (WELI)

WELI was designed by local women leaders to increase the leadership capacity, workforce skills, college enrollment, and college completion rate of socioeconomically disadvantaged cis and trans women of the Salinas Valley.


Men’s Institute For Leadership And Education (MILE)

MILE supports its scholar in overcoming the unique challenges that men face inside and outside of the classroom. MILE strives to increase college completion rates among male students in the Salinas Valley. With the support of the MILE Program, MILE Scholars at Hartnell College will achieve their leadership potential and attain personal, academic, and professional success.


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Salinas Valley Promise

The Salinas Valley Promise is a comprehensive, large-scale college completion and leadership program, which provides mentorships, workshops, scholarships and materials to all incoming graduates from our local high schools who enroll in Hartnell College full-time and for the first time.

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