Student Leadership and Success Programs

Salinas Valley Promise

The Salinas Valley Promise program combines instructional excellence with professional guidance, leadership development, life-skills training and a scholarship to ensure your success. Zero in-state tuition as a first-time, full-time student, regardless of your family income.

Women’s Education & Leadership Institute

WELI was designed by local women leaders to increase the leadership capacity, workforce skills, college enrollment, and college completion rate of socioeconomically disadvantaged cis and trans women of the Salinas Valley.

Men’s Institute for Leadership and Education

MILE supports its scholar in overcoming the unique challenges that men face inside and outside of the classroom. MILE strives to increase college completion rates among male students in the Salinas Valley. With the support of the MILE Program, MILE Scholars at Hartnell College will achieve their leadership potential and attain personal, academic, and professional success.