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Foster Care Fund

Our mission is to provide unwavering support for foster youth, recognizing their unique challenges and championing their right to thrive. By fostering stability, empowerment, and opportunity, we aim to break down barriers that hinder their growth and success. We believe that every foster youth deserves access to a nurturing environment, comprehensive resources, and tailored support systems to fulfill their potential. Through advocacy, education, and community engagement, we strive to cultivate a society where foster youth are embraced, valued, and equipped with the tools they need to flourish.

Together, we are committed to building a brighter future for foster youth, ensuring they are seen, heard, and supported on their journey towards independence and fulfillment. The Foster Care Fund is dedicated to offering holistic support to current foster youth in Monterey County, as well as current and former foster youth enrolled in the Guardian Scholars/NextUp Program at Hartnell College. Our goal is to ensure they have unfettered access to vital resources and assistance for independent living.

Student Testimonial

The Guardian Scholars Program has been a great resource for me as a former foster youth. I am not eligible for the CHAFEE grant and I didn‘t know there were other resources for me to succeed in college. Meeting with the Guardian Scholars Staff was a game-changer for my success in college, as Marisela connected me with many resources I needed but did not know were available to me, which have helped me tremendously. The GSP connected me with the Basic Needs Program at Hartnell, grants and scholarships, and academic and personal support. I am so grateful for the GSP!

– Lacey P

Your Impact

$100 – One Textbook

$200 – A week of groceries

$300 – Vehicle Maintenance

$400 – Prescription glasses

$500 – Medical bills

$2000 – Housing Deposit

Join us in making a difference in the lives of a foster youth by donating to our foster care fund today. Your contribution has a profound impact, providing crucial support for college students who have experienced foster care, helping them achieve their academic dreams and build a brighter future.

Your generous donation directly contributes to the success of these programs, enabling us to continue offering vital support services and opportunities to foster youth as they pursue their educational and personal goals and allowing these resilient individuals to focus on their education without the burden of financial insecurity. Together we can transform the lives and break down barriers to success for foster youth pursuing higher education.




Student Testimonial

As a former foster youth who faced immense financial struggles, lack of support, and homelessness, I initially doubted my ability to complete my college associate’s degree or transfer to a university. After dropping out once due to the lack of resources and support, I connected with Marisela from the Guardian Scholars program. Despite my uncertainty about their services, I soon realized she would become my strongest support system. In a difficult place as a single mother of two, struggling financially, and without a job or car, Marisela stepped in.

She provided $200 for groceries, a lifeline that brought tears of gratitude. Since then, Guardian Scholars has been instrumental in my life, assisting with groceries, a vehicle, rent, glasses, and my application to CSUMB. Beyond financial aid, Marisela’s emotional and mental support helped me persevere through hardships, including homelessness, domestic abuse, and depression. Her unwavering care made all the difference during my challenging year at Hartnell College. Without the Guardian Scholars program and Marisela’s unwavering support, I wouldn’t be on track to graduate in May and transfer to a university. while some may view it as just a job or a program for foster youth, to me, it made all the difference in my educational journey.- Yolanda

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