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If you are thinking about naming the Hartnell College Foundation in your estate plans, contact our Vice President of Advancement and Development/Executive Director for the Foundation, Jackie Cruz at or call (831) 444-2446 or our Director of Philanthropy, Kristine Edmunds at or by phone at (831) 755-6903. To make a gift in support of Hartnell students, go to:

To the Wilderness and Beyond: A Study of Alaskan Culture

A selection of talented Hartnell students engaged in the study of Alaskan art and culture, culminating in a two-week trip to Alaska as part of the Sylvano and Maria Boronda International Study Program. As directed by the will of the donor, Lester D. Boronda, the recipients are to be “Students of Unusual Promise in the Arts, namely, Painting, Sculpture, Architecture, Literature, Drama, Music or Dance.”  

Dr. Marnie Glazier states, “ Honoring Lester Boronda’s view that ‘travel is one of the great aids in education’, we traveled to a part of the world none of us had experienced before and each of us hope to experience again – visiting such artistic and cultural sites as: the Alaska Native Heritage Center, the Anchorage Museum, the Music of Denali Dinner Theatre, and the Denali Natural History Tour; as well as having the profound experience of seeing some of the few remaining glaciers of the last ice age, seeing orcas and humpback whales, and witnessing some of the vastest stretches of wilderness yet remaining in the world today.  

“I am walking away with Alaska imprinted on me. I’ve discovered unheard of opportunities as a visual artist which inspired me to create multiple pieces during our visit.  I uncovered parts of myself that only transpired because of the unique and surprising experience of Alaska.” reports Brittany Alaniz, Boranda scholar.

Students are selected based on their commitment and participation in the arts.  Students study and travel under the direction of a Hartnell Community College instructor, and, as part of the program, receive expenses for air and ground transportation, lodging, and a meal allowance.  Students participate in two activities per day covering a range of topics including music, architecture, dance, and art.  “The goal of the program is to give students who may not have extensive travel experience accessibility to travel and study the arts; an opportunity that they may not get otherwise”, states Gary Smith, retired Hartnell faculty.   

This summer’s Boranda Study Program location will include three Hawaian islands. The next application period will take place this fall. Applicants must be Monterey County residents, at least 18 years of age, and demonstrate an active interest in at least one of the arts by serious previous commitment, participation, or study. For more information, contact Dr. Chris Christensen, Boranda Program Coordinator,  at  831-484-5511 or

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