Public & Private Grants

If you are seeking public or private funds to support a project/program at Hartnell College, please review the information below and contact Michele Peregrin, Director of Grants Development, at 831-755-6810 or at Grant proposal concepts should align with the College’s Strategic Priorities & Goals and the Foundation’s fundraising priorities.

Public and private grant pre-award application development and post-award management are coordinated between the offices of Advancement & Development and Administrative Services. Activities, responsibilities, and timelines are shown on the Hartnell College Grants Flowchart

Once the Hartnell College Grant Concept Form is signed by the President/Superintendent, the grant team is authorized to complete the application development process including convening internal and external partners, contracting with a grant writer, and requesting letters of support. For a copy of the latest Grant Concept form contact Michele at

The following grants were received over the last five years, if you would like more information please contact Michele at


Grants Amount Project Date Theme
Title V grant $3M Capacity building/support for completion and career placement 2020 Developing HSIs Program
Department of Ed $2.6 M Student Support Services to Hartnell TRiO 2020 Services to be funded by both awards include academic advising and coaching, tutoring, financial aid workshops, financial literacy education and bilingual parent workshops.
Baskin Foundation $60,000 Women’s Education and Leadership Institute, (WELI) 2020 Women’s Scholarship & Mentorship
Monterey Peninsula Foundation $100,000 COVID-19 Program Support 2020 COVID-19 Program Support: King City and Soledad Education


Claire Giannini Fund $148,733 Support for the teacher pathways program. 2020 Accelerated Completion; Workforce Development
Irvine Foundation $300,000 Better Careers grant for implementation of job placement and apprenticeship system. 2020 Workforce Development
National Endowment for the Humanities $262,551 CARES Act support for humanities-based online teaching. 2020 Student Success
CCCCO $104,746 Current/Formerly Incarcerated Reentry Program 2019 To create, expand and bridge services for currently and formerly incarcerated students.
CCCCO $500,000 Improving Online CTE Pathways  2019 Digital Equity
CA State $165,000 Song Brown grant to support nursing pathways and increased enrollment. 2019 Accelerated Completion; Workforce Development.
The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation $165,000 Support for The Western Stage 2019 The Arts
National Science Foundation $1.5M I-USE-HSI grant to support short research experiences for students in STEM. 2018 STEM
National Science Foundation $500,000 Computer Science degree in 3 years, “CSin3”. 2018 STEM


Hartnell College Grants Workshop, December, 2020

Funding: Finding and Tapping, Spring 2016

Roles and Responsibilities for Grants Management, 2015 Hartnell College Student Success Conference