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Join us on this exciting journey through February as we explore love, history, and the magic of an extra day on the calendar. Get ready for a month filled with warmth, chocolate, appreciation, and a touch of the extraordinary!

Here’s to savoring February – the month of loving relationships, legacy, and an extra dose of positivity. Let’s make it count!

With appreciation,
Jacqueline and Kristine

Amaris Santiago
Filled with Gratitude

Amaris Santiago, 19, is very close to her parents. They give her all the support and encouragement any daughter can wish for. Regarding her academics, she said being a Hartnell student has given her all the advantages and opportunities to succeed.

“I feel supported, I feel part of a community, I feel encouraged,” she said. “This ignites my passion to pursue a career in education.”

Santiago is part of this year’s Women’s Education & Leadership Institute (WELI) cohort. She earned a scholarship and has a mentor that guides her.

“It was great to meet women in different disciplines and interests,” she said. “The scholarship has helped me fulfill the extra expenses for books and supplies.”

WELI prepares students with energy and confidence, knowing they have a network of peers and mentors supporting them throughout the year.

Amaris thought being a part of a women’s institute was the greatest thing. She is in her sophomore year at Hartnell and plans to transfer to a university to become an elementary teacher.

In addition, Amaris works for the TRiO program on campus, where she gains work experience while supporting other students like her.

She is used to hard work, as shown by her parents, who are pastors at a local church in Salinas. She is involved in leadership and is part of the worship team.

“A big THANK YOU to those who contribute to programs like WELI,” she said. “I feel empowered by your generosity.” 

The Women’s Education & Leadership Institute Has
Granted Nearly $500,000 in Scholarships

The Women’s Education & Leadership Institute (WELI), established in 2011, addresses the need to enhance the education and economic status of women and families in Monterey County. The comprehensive WELI program includes:

  • Summer leadership training.
  • A student-led, on-campus WELI club.
  • Impactful mentorship with community leaders.
  • A substantial $2,500 financial award per student.

With over 250 scholars graduated and approximately $500,000 in scholarships granted since its inception, WELI has proven to be a life-changing experience for socio-economically disadvantaged women. Notably, 94% of students credit WELI for helping them achieve personal, professional, and academic goals, with a 62.4% transfer rate, surpassing the 45.6% average for other female students with similar academic standings.

One inspiring story from the WELI program is that of Nerina Campos, an alumna who studied Media Studies at the University of California, Berkeley. Through WELI, Nerina found mentorship from Monica Tovar, President & CEO of TMD Creative, paving the way for her future aspirations in television production or political journalism. The program’s impact extends beyond individual success, with 84% of current students receiving financial aid and 63% being first-generation college attendees. Supporting WELI through its endowment is a direct investment in the success of these women, fostering financial independence and meaningful careers while positively influencing the educational outcomes of future generations.
Learn More Here.

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Completing your will or trust requires a plan. Hartnell College Foundation has resources to assist you, including an estate planning guide and our legacy website. Hartnell also can provide a free consultation with an estate planning attorney.

As an essential first step, we invite you to attend our upcoming estate planning seminar on Wednesday, April 17th. Here, we will provide the tools you need to help you complete your plan.
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Your Legacy Is Your Tapestry
Visiting a historic castle from a previous era, one may learn its origin story and the individual or family that built it. Large woven tapestries likely adorn the walls of this castle, each telling a vibrant story through portraits of notable personalities. Along with portraying these prominent family members, there are secondary characters who have in some way interacted with the family in either positive or negative ways. Devices – such as weapons or humans having animal-like features, or the positions of where these secondary characters stand, sit, or lay – tell a story of how they interacted with the prominent family.

Tapestries found in these castles tell the stories of the lives of those who built them. Each tapestry celebrates the legacy of contribution.

Our tapestry today is not likely to be found adorning a wall in a castle. No, our tapestry tells how we helped key organizations carry out their missions to improve our world.

Your legacy is your tapestry, your masterpiece! It is your life story of how you sought to improve life for others.

Creating your legacy helps others see what is important to you, including your story, values, the positive difference you wish to make, and support to loved ones.


What Will Your Legacy Be?

If you are thinking about giving the Hartnell College Foundation an estate gift from your will or trust, please contact us or learn more on our website.

If you want a free estate planning guide, please click here.

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