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David Jones
An Opportunity to Help Students Succeed

Twenty years ago, David Jones, 68, joined the custodian team at Hartnell College. He has loved coming to work daily and spending time on campus, even on his days off.

“I like what I do – I interact with the students and everyone who comes through the doors,” he said. “I am a resource to those needing assistance on any given day.”

Now a lead custodian, he makes a difference in students’ lives. Jones is a President Circle Member now and, as such, is committed to student success.

“If I can’t help others physically, I can help financially,” he said. “We all have the opportunity to help in any way we can.”

Jones joined the Hartnell College Foundation’s Employee Giving many years ago. He could give $10 – $15 per month towards scholarships. But two years ago, he decided he could make a more significant impact and raised his monthly donation to $100 – landing him in the President’s Circle category for those who give annual contributions of $1,000 or more.

“This sends a powerful message to our students that we believe in them and are willing to support them above and beyond our everyday work,” said Jackie Cruz, Vice President of Institutional Advancement and Executive Director for the Hartnell College Foundation. “What David is doing is admirable – he is a source of inspiration.”

During the first two months of 2024, the campaign has raised $130,952.98, including 79 President Circle Members for 162 employee donors.

“I have talked to some scholarship recipients, and they appreciate the help,” he said. “They are going through hardships, and the scholarships help them in different areas of their lives.”

Jones was born in Washington State and raised in Colorado. His dad was in the military, and the family made it to Monterey (Fort Ord) and settled here. He has two sisters and two brothers. His dad passed away, but his mom lives in Seaside, and he gets to visit her often.

“I was never given anything, so I have the opportunity to put this donation to good use – as a contributor and role model,” he said.


The Men’s Institute for Leadership and Education

Hartnell College introduced the Men’s Institute for Leadership and Education (MILE) Program in 2015, aiming to recognize and support men’s contributions to their families and communities while addressing the unique challenges they face in academic and personal spheres. Despite men comprising 50% of Hartnell students, only 30% of degrees are earned by males, prompting the establishment of MILE to foster academic success and leadership among male scholars. The program offers a comprehensive package including intensive leadership training, access to campus resources, mentorship from community leaders, and a $2,500 financial award per student, empowering MILE scholars to overcome obstacles and thrive inside and outside the classroom. With 20 scholars awarded and several community leaders volunteering their mentorship, MILE has proven to be a transformative experience for participants, shaping their paths toward personal, academic, and professional success.

Driven by a mission to elevate graduation rates and empower male students in the Salinas Valley, MILE is dedicated to guiding scholars to realize their full potential through leadership development, mentorship, and financial assistance. The program envisions a future where MILE Scholars at Hartnell College emerge as community leaders with the skills and support necessary to achieve their academic and professional goals. With a focus on fostering leadership potential and facilitating holistic success, MILE aspires to make a lasting impact on the lives of its scholars, contributing to a culture of achievement and empowerment within the college and beyond.
Learn More Here.

Complete Your Will or Living Trust
by Attending Our Next Estate Planning Seminar on
April 17, 2024, Beginning at 5:30 PM

Completing your will or trust requires a plan. Hartnell College Foundation has resources to assist you, including an estate planning guide and our legacy website. Hartnell also can provide a free consultation with an estate planning attorney.

As an essential first step, we invite you to attend our upcoming estate planning seminar on Wednesday, April 17th. Here, we will provide the tools you need to help you complete your plan.

  • Protect your loved ones with a plan

  • Greatly reduce the challenges of probate

  • Estate planning attorney and financial planner available

  • Make a difference and establish your legacy

Please consider attending this complimentary seminar and start your way to creating your legacy. To RSVP for your spot, please email Jackie Cruz at or Kristine Edmunds at

What Happens to Your IRA When You Are Done Using It?

By design, Congress wishes for you to exhaust your traditional IRA during your lifetime. After all, it is based on your pre-taxed retirement savings. Should your IRA outlast you, your beneficiaries who inherit your IRA will pay ordinary income tax on any withdrawals they make. Your beneficiaries must then empty the IRA within ten years, which could be a significant tax burden.

Nonprofits, however, will not pay taxes on any gift from your IRA. Furthermore, there are better ways to provide for your heirs without the tax burden. If you want to learn more about the various ways and tax advantages of leaving the Hartnell College Foundation as a beneficiary of your IRA, please click here or contact us.


Your Planning Gives Your Loved Ones Hope

If you are thinking about giving the Hartnell College Foundation an estate gift from your will or trust, please contact us or learn more on our website.

If you want a free estate planning guide, please click here.

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