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Dear Hartnell College supporters,

Throughout the year, we invite students and alumni to share their Hartnell story. Those moments are always special to me because I too have a Hartnell story as an alumna and now as a doctorate student about to defend my dissertation at USC. Just like you, I strive to motivate and inspire men and women to follow their dreams. It is also okay to ask for help in the process and to take advantage of the support system built for student success. 

We want to highlight Anabel Guzman, a Hartnell student whose story has inspired us so much that we felt we had to share it with you. Please read her story below.

Our Students, Our Inspiration

Things are looking up for Anabel Guzman!

At age 29, Anabel is a Respiratory Care Practitioner (RCP) student entering her second year in the program at Hartnell College. She plans to continue and earn a bachelor’s in science. She previously earned an associate’s degree in Natural Sciences.

“I was looking into different areas in the medical field and found RCP,” she said. “I knew it would be difficult and scary, but I was determined to do something big for me and my family.”

She has two young children (five and six) whom she wants to guide and inspire. Her sentiment is reflected in her work for Monterey County Caregivers Resource Family Homes based on the main campus.

“I am motivated, a go-getter, responsible, outgoing person who has goals that will help me take care of my kids and provide a safe environment for them,” she said. “I am looking out for me, my children, and those who are counting on me to save lives.”

She relies on student scholarships, the Guardians’ Scholar program, CatCard Vouchers, rent support program, and basic needs scholarships to navigate life and academics. The RCP program is demanding, and she cannot work more than a part-time job to keep up with the load.

Guzman spoke at the Achieving the Dream Rally at Hartnell College in August. Her story is one of challenges and overcoming obstacles. She felt it was time to share her story.

“It’s time to let others know that there are resources available and people willing to help you navigate life and school,” she said.

Guzman and her six siblings ended up in foster care when she was three. Her dad attempted to murder her mom. She survived, and Dad was sent to prison for a 20-year sentence that he is still serving. Her mom was traumatized by the experience, and CPS felt it was in the children’s best interest to have her heal mentally and emotionally from the trauma.

It was six years later that her mom was able to claim her children back. “Mom had to start from zero – to prove herself and get us back,” she said. “I am so proud of her.”

Guzman has never had a relationship with her dad.

She attended North Salinas High School but soon began to hang out with the wrong crowd and ended up on probation. A year later, she was recommended to Rancho Cielo, where she got her second chance. There, she decided to finish high school while receiving support and guidance to move in a positive direction.

She wants to acknowledge the donors and the Hartnell staff who give each year to support students like her.

“Sometimes people go through struggles for long periods, and it is important for a college or institution to have that support system available to students not for a one-time deal but for two, three, or as needed,” she said.

Guzman is determined to achieve her goals. In her spare time, she loves to hike, exercise, cook, go to the beach, or anything to do with the outdoors to spend quality time with her children and family.

“I want my kids to know they can count on and rely on me,” she said. “I want to be their role model and help and guide them.”

Hartnell News

Hartnell Scholarships Make Dreams Possible!

The Hartnell College Foundation annually awards over $800,000 in scholarships to our students due to the generosity of people, businesses, and foundations in the Salinas Valley. These scholarships allow our students to pursue further education without the financial stress it can cause some individuals. Scholarships such as “The Dreamer Fund” support Dreamer students in achieving their educational and personal goals; Hartnell College is a Hispanic-serving institution, and California has the most significant number of undocumented immigrants. This scholarship ensures that this large demographic is uplifted and supported within our campus community.

Killian Scholars, funded by Jack R. and Suzanne W. Killian, comprise a cohort of ten music majors and can include $2,000 of scholarships per semester, private lessons from approved teachers, and funded field trips to universities and concerts.

Our UCSC Pister Scholarship recognizes outstanding Hartnell College transfer students by providing them with $10,000 for each of two years, a robust mentoring program, and work experience opportunities. These scholarships make our campus accessible and a place for students to focus on their personal and educational goals. If you want to become a scholarship donor, please visit our website.

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